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We are a design-driven brand
obsessed with the creative process.

Did You Know?

You may not be aware most online shops simply curate the most popular, mass-produced designs from overseas, wholesale sites. This often results in customers waiting months to receive products that aren't as original as they thought.

Our model is totally different in that all concepts and designs are created by me personally and each product is made-to-order in the USA. That means every design we offer is exclusive to the original-1 brand, so you really are purchasing something not many other people have. My hope for each creation is that it makes a statement, and moves people in some way.

More About "Me"

I’m a graphic designer and creative director who eventually realized creating designs for my own products is a lot more rewarding than creating designs for clients. You can learn more about my 30+ years in the agency world HERE.

Simply put, design has always been my passion. I have an insatiable appetite to create for the tastemakers — the people who are into bands before they get big and art before it gets discovered, the people who curate their lives and what they own, the people who truly value quality and originality.

Our Commitment

Original-1 is all about turning ordinary, everyday items into unique conversation pieces. It's about getting people to engage with one another. It's about helping people represent their views, lifestyles, likes and dislikes. And above all, it's about being original.

The quality of our products is as important to the original-1 brand, as the designs that adorn them. That's why we only source quality products. In short, original-1 will never offer anything, I don’t love myself. So rest assured knowing you'll be happy with both the artwork AND the craftsmanship.

Dominic Venticinque
Designer & Founder

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Truly Original Designs

We are a small boutique shop in the Philadelphia suburbs, and all of our designs are 100% exclusive to the original-1 brand. So when you purchase a product from our shop, you really are getting something highly unique, that not many other people have.

High Quality Products

Although our designs are what make us unique, we put just as much thought into the quality of products each piece of artwork adorns. In short, we don't offer anything we wouldn't want ourselves.

Why Buy from Us

  • Powered by the safe and secure, industry-leading Shopify Platform
  • All products are made-to-order
  • All printing is done in the USA
  • Truly original designs sold on a small scale
  • Small, family-owned and operated business


Me, Wifey & Twins It Takes an Army

Yep. That's our enormous staff right there. I'm the designer. The Misses is of course CEO (I'd be a bad husband, if I said otherwise). And the twins — They serve up unsolicited, uninhibited critiques of my work. Point is, original-1 really is a small business that truly values its customers.

My Mac Pro The Love of My Life

Well, at least my kids think I'm having an affair with my Mac, because I'm on it so much. When I began studying visual arts, computer-aided design had just been introduced to colleges (Yes, I'm that old). Ever since, it has been my most utilized tool, even though the creative process often starts in my sketch book.

Our 8 Chickens Chief Executive Providers

Don't laugh. The chicks made the "team" because they give us organic eggs, and we need to eat to live. They also look pretty damn cool roaming the land out here in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I purchased two shirts with two different designs,
and they are so amazing that I am buying two sweatshirts now!
The designs are detailed and creative which makes them so special.
You will not be disappointed if you purchase from original-1.

— Nancy Scaricamazza

This poster looks awesome in my man cave.
Almost everyone asks where I got it.

— Joshua Knowles

These designs are really creative.
So glad I found this site!

— Shanice Williams