Giving Back to Those in Need

We are truly honored to donate to two very worthy charities — the Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF) and the Brad Fox Foundation.



The HCF improves the quality of life for thousands of people affected by breast cancer through education, lifestyle modification, and holistic healing.

Over the years we have donated our time to various design-driven initiatives. And, we will soon be offering supportive and inspiring designs on our site, where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the HCF. If you're subscribed to our email list, you will be notified when these are released.

Having lost two relatives at a young age to breast cancer, this particular charity is near and dear to our hearts. This non-profit has only one paid staff member, and all of the rest of the staff donate their time. That means that nearly every penny goes to those living with breast cancer (it's not some bloated conglomerate with high expenditures), and helps them attain the holistic services not covered under insurance.



The Brad Fox Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to coordinate and operate fundraising activities in and effort to generate money to distribute to various charitable causes in Brad’s honor. The foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers who donate their time and resources to help us honor Brad and the men and women defending our communities and our Country. The are no administrative fees, and overhead/expenses are strictly limited to event logistics and materials that we cannot otherwise receive through donations. Since 2013, approximately $200,000 has been donated in Brad’s name through the work of the Officer Brad Fox Foundation.

Original-1 will have a donation basket at this year's event, which can be won via raffle tickets. Please consider going to this event to show you support for such a worthy cause, and maybe even win some really cool swag. Click HERE to learn more about this event.

To learn more about Officer Brad Fox, click HERE.