Our Story

Be An Original-1 Shirts on Stands

We are a design-driven brand obsessed with the creative process.

Built upon an unadulterated love of the creative process, and a commitment to quality over quantity, Original-1 was launched in 2017, and was in the top 10% of all Shopify stores launched that same week. I tribute that early success to the mindset of crafting memorable, personal designs that were very different than what was offered, which is still our goal today.

Original-1 is about turning ordinary, everyday items into unique conversation pieces. It's about getting people to engage with one another. It's about helping people represent their views, lifestyles, and passions. And above all, it's about being original. So, when you purchase anything from our online shop, you are really purchasing original art.

Instead of designs being created by various artists, all concepts and designs are conjured by me personally. That means every design on this website is exclusive to the original-1 brand, so you really are purchasing something quite unique, not many other people have. My hope for every creation is that it makes a statement, and moves people in some way. I'm often asked "Where did you get that" when people see me wearing or using Original-1 products. To me this is the ultimate validation, that I'm doing something right.


Design has always been my passion. Simply put, I love to create for the tastemakers — the people who are into bands before they get big and art before it gets discovered, the people who curate their lives and what they own, the people who truly value quality, originality and aesthetics.


The quality of products is as important to the original-1 brand, as the designs that adorn them. That's why we only source high-quality products from brands you can trust. Yes, they typically cost a bit more, but shelling out a few more bucks for something of higher quality is a no-brainer. We just don't want to offer cheaply made, inferior goods. For example, no one will be happy with a shirt that feels like cardboard regardless of how good a design is. In short, Original-1 will never offer anything, I don’t love myself. So, rest assured knowing you'll be happy with both the artwork AND the craftsmanship. In fact, we guarantee it.

Designs and inventory are constantly changing, so if you see a design you like, you should grab it, while it's still available. 🙂

Dominic Venticinque
Founder • Designer